Twin Irrigation Craft custom built Quiet-Shadow Series Hybrid Pumping Station at Marbella Lakes, Naples Florida. Due to the substantially lower noise output, our unique Quiet Series is best for close proximity residential applications. These stations were custom designed to meet the needs of our customer’s application.

These models use marine grade 855 Irrigation Craft UV proof enclosures. The stations both feature one Gould’s SSV 5hp vertical turbine Jockey and one 7CLC 3stage 4.562″trim 25hp main motors. This is a pressure demand station with each main motor featuring a Gould’s VFD. The stations are equipped with chemical injectors and share a chemical tank. This project was completed in February of 2009 and the enclosures have kept the station looking like new as of the last service checkup in August of 2014.

  • Station Type: Quiet-Shadow Series Hybrid
  • Location: Marbella Lakes Naples, FL