About Irrigation Craft - Quality Pumping SystemsServing the landscape and turf irrigation industry since 1986, Irrigation Craft has earned a reputation as a company that is committed to understanding the true needs of its customers and providing them with cost-effective, long-lasting solutions.

This commitment has resulted in each Irrigation Craft pump station being designed and manufactured to seamlessly meet the watering demands of each project and maximize reliability and longevity while reducing costly repairs and equipment downtime.


Irrigation Craft provides solutions for a wide range of applications including the following:

  • Pumping systems and controls
  • Pressure boost systems
  • Automatic Back Washing Filtration Systems
  • Level controls for tanks, lakes, and ponds
  • Custom manifolds and headers

Our qualified team has provided pump stations and solutions worldwide for customers on multiple continents completing projects in the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and in places such as Dubai, Madagascar, Laos, Sudan, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

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